Flea Market Deals! 3 items for $45 :D


Not the best come back but I really need to admit that my laziness took over me this past few months. Moving forward, I would like to aim to do at least two blog post every month. Despite me not posting for a while, I did work on several projects that involves redecorating my apartment on a very low budget.

Talking about low budget nothing beats a flea market price. If you can haggle, you will definitely be able to find unique pieces for a really good deal. I have lived in New York City for the past few years and I finally decided to go to the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market. Somehow at the first sight of a flea market, I got way too excited and shopped at the West 25th Street Market instead (The Antiques Garage). The address to this flea market is 112 West 25th street.

My first thought when I saw the flea market was filled with pessimism. My friend commented that she doesn’t understand why people come to this market. We realized we were both wrong as soon as we began exploring the stalls. I left with three unique pieces for my apartment and she got a lovely brown crossover bag.

1. Vintage mirror- The stall owner’s first price was $80 and I got it for $25. I love the design on the frames but not a big fan of the color. I will be painting this frame and I look forward to sharing with you all.



2. Another mirror- I want to use it as a mirrored tray for my coffee table. This mirror took a lot of convincing and smiling to lower the price from $35 to $10. While I was bargaining he told me ” I see how you use your charm”, which totally worked!! 🙂



3. Classic lamp and the owner claims that the small trunks are Loui Vuitton designs. I fell in love the first moment I saw this piece and knew it from the very beginning that this item would be pricey. But it cost me only $10,  this piece was a steal for me.


Tips to help you haggle. 

1. Smile, smile and smile!

2. Ask for their price and if it’s too pricey mention it.

3. Ask for their best price first.

4. Then you mention yours but price it way down.

5. The negotiating starts, the lower you mentioned the price the better deal you will get.

6. Make sure to thank them if this works!!

7. Please comment below and share what was your favorite flea market deal you got so far.

8. Smile and good luck! 😀





Since its the beginning of August, I have so much to look forward to and drew up a list of what I am doing for this month. One of which is  renovating my apartment.

So I have been researching all over the internet trying to find ideas. The website  http://www.houzz.com/ has everything you need to find in there. I love that they have pictures and price listed for all the items. http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/ is one of the best websites for interior design and decorating idea and I highly recommend it.

I have also been looking into wallpaper and upholstery. Going through DIY projects of upholstery got me so interested that I even looked up for taking classes for it. The classes offered in Nyc is by http://furniturejoint.com/classes.htm which is $400 for 4 weeks of 2.5 hours of classes every Wednesday. For wallpapers http://www.designyourwall.com/ has a wide range of wallpapers and what’s really cool about this website is that they even offer customizing your own wall paper.

I will put up pictures of the designs that I personally love. I will be working on renovating my apartment all this month so follow me while I take on this quest of designing my living space all over again. I am so stoked!!




http://www.designyourwall.com search diamonds are forever.

Customize your bed for under $40!!

Hello readers!!

Ever lived in an apartment for a long time that you are screaming for a change? You have come to the right place to figure out how you can make small changes around your house. Lets start with the bed like I did. I have had this plain birch Ikea bed frame that I loved for its simplicity when I first bought it. But you know that feeling when it gets old and start to hate it. So instead of getting rid of it, I had to come up with an idea on how to spice up my bed in the most frugal way I could think of.  I went for fabric shopping to get some inspiration. Initially I was looking for floral patterns but when I came across this 3D flower fabric I fell in love right away.



You will be surprised to find out how a small change in the bedroom can add a completely new feel to your room. Every time I lie down in my bed it feels like I am floating on top of a cloud embedded with white flowers steering me into heaven. Little too exaggerated? well that’s exactly what I think when I look at my bed. You could also create this visual image of what exactly you want your bed to look and feel like while fabric shopping.  I can give you suggestion on how I went about creating my bed but the rest is all up to you. Which means you need to awaken your creative side, get your hands dirty and make sure to have fun with it!!




1. Before you go for fabric shopping make sure you measure your bed frame so you know the exact amount of fabric you want. With the biggest smile I asked the owner for a discount on the 2 yards of fabric. I scored it for $32 instead of $40. Yippeee!! I saved $8, so don’t forget to smile while bargaining.

White 3D floral fabric

White 3D floral fabric

2.  You need to also buy a multi-purpose self adhesive glue which you can find in a fabric store, hard ware store and staples.

Multi-purpose glue

3.  Measure the area where you want to stick the fabric and cut the fabric accordingly.

4.  Apply the glue on the surface area and lay out the fabric on top of it. Make sure to apply pressure on the fabric so it completely sticks.

Heavenly!! Amen...

Heavenly!! Amen…


Please leave a comment below and share it with your friends.  Also it will be awesome to see the work you have created so hashtag #ilovehomediy on instagram.  I will like and share your pictures on my instagram too!!

Love and kisses


Recycling old mattresses

Hello People!

I have had these few old mattresses lying around the house for a very long time because of the New York law of wrapping the old mattresses. The truth is that I am a hoarder and the creator of those what if situations so  I chose to keep it and stowed it away. Until after few months, I had this jolt of energy of trying to figure out how to reuse the mattresses. So I got to work and was amazed with what I created.

Final product

Final product

List of things needed for this project are as follows 

1. Old mattresses (I used two and a half).

2.  Measuring tape, a ruler and marker

3.  A scissor but in my case I went with a knife, it cuts way faster

4. A duvet cover.

Steps on creating the sofa!! This is exciting and good luck.

1. Lay the mattress flat and draw a line right in the middle so its easier to cut through.

2 old mattresses

2 old mattresses

2. After you have cut the two mattresses in half, pile it on top of each other and make sure you get a straight line.



3. Take a duvet cover, I got a queen size velvet duvet cover which was perfect as it is was stretchable and fit perfectly on the mattresses.

Final product

Final product

VOALLA YOU ARE DONE! Please comment and let me know how it works out for you.

hashtag #recyclemattress on instagram

Love and kisses